App customization

The code for the Survey123 field app and Survey123 Connect is available for you to customize and create your own app using ArcGIS AppStudio.

ArcGIS AppStudio

ArcGIS AppStudio is the development environment used to build the Survey123 field app and Survey123 Connect. You can use the same environment to customize the Survey123 field app. AppStudio removes the need to configure multiple coding environments for different operating systems and provides online build tools that allow you to create apps for all platforms from one collection of files. Depending on how you extend Survey123, you can use AppStudio to configure a template, write custom code and share it with your ArcGIS organization for others to use, or generate installation files for a modified version of Survey123 that you can publish to the app stores.

The sections below describe various ways you can use AppStudio to build a custom Survey123 app.

For more information about AppStudio, visit its Resources page.

Survey123 templates

AppStudio includes two templates: Survey123 field app and Survey123 Connect. You can customize these templates to various levels. For example, you can change only the colors and logos of the field app, or you can change how the core functionality of either app works.

Rebrand the field app

Changing the colors and logos used in the Survey123 field app can be done with come configuration and a few code changes.

See Configure Survey123 using ArcGIS AppStudio for steps to rebrand as well as the properties that can be modified.

For an example of how to rebrand Survey123, see the Extending Survey123, Part 1: White Labeling blog post.

Build a custom field app

You can customize any part of Survey123, but careful consideration should be made before doing so. When the next version of Survey123 is released, you most likely will want to include those updates. If you change the code, you should have a plan for how to upgrade and keep your changes.

To change Survey123 functionality in a way that can be migrated to new versions of the app, it is recommended that you build the functionality as an add-in. This will keep your changes together in a collection of files that can be copied to new versions of the app.

Include an add-in

An add-in is a discrete set of files that adds or changes specific functionality in Survey123. An add-in can be a tool that a user interacts with in the app, or it can be functionality that occurs behind the scenes. You can create and use multiple add-ins in one or many surveys on a device.

An add-in can be shared within an ArcGIS organization for use with Survey123, or you can include an add-in in a custom Survey123 app.

Share your custom Survey123 app

Once you customize your Survey123 app, you can share it with others in two ways: share it as an item in your ArcGIS organization or distribute it through an app store or mobile device management platform.

When sharing your customized app as an item in your ArcGIS organization, members of your organization can view and use your app in AppStudio Player.

To learn more about distributing your custom app through an app store, see Distribute your app.

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