Key features

With ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine, you can build apps that leverage the following features:

Cross platform

  • Develop 3D apps on Windows and macOS.
  • Deploy 3D apps to Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
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Scene setting

  • Use the UI to create a scene without writing any lines of code and with some default options.
  • Use the Components to create a scene without writing any lines of code.
  • Use Blueprints to create custom scenes using the node-based visual scripting interface offered in Unreal Engine.
  • Use the C++ API to develop custom scenes.
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Online and offline data

Consume content and services from ArcGIS Platform or local files in global or local scene. Change a layer's name, order, visibility, and opacity.

  • Basemap layer
    • ArcGIS web maps (basemap and operational layers that contain raster tile layers)
    • ArcGIS tiled image services
    • Local ArcGIS tile package (.tpk and .tpkx)
  • Single elevation layer
    • Public ArcGIS image service
    • Local ArcGIS tile package (LERC encoded .tpk and .tpkx)
  • Multiple raster tile layers
    • Public ArcGIS map service
    • Local ArcGIS tile package (.tpk and .tpkx)
  • Multiple 3D object or integrated mesh scene layers
    • Minimum i3S version 1.7
    • Public ArcGIS scene service
    • Local ArcGIS scene layer package (.slpk)

For 3D object scene layers, you can filter scene nodes by attributes and work with the shader to have different visual results by changing materials.

Plugin elements

A sample 3D model on Mt Hood

The plugin includes sample code that helps you work on top of your GIS data.

Use the ArcGISLocation Component to define geospatial locations for any Actor.

  • Attach ArcGISCameraComponent to a Pawn inside a GIS scene.
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