Recreate the Details Panel UI sample level

Create a new project

To launch Unreal Engine, open the Epic Games Launcher and click on Unreal Engine > Launch. When you launch Unreal Engine (UE4), the Unreal Project Browser automatically opens.

  1. Under New Project Categories, select Games.


  2. Select a Blank template.


  3. On the Project Settings page, set the project to a C++ project and keep the other default options.


  4. At the bottom of the Project Settings page, select where you want to store your project, and give your project a name. Click Create Project to initialize the project.

Install the plugin

  1. Create a Plugins folder in the main project directory.


  2. Extract the ArcGIS Maps SDK folder from the .zip file and copy it to the new Plugins folder.


Initialize Details Panel UI

  1. Start Unreal Engine.

  2. Click the ArcGIS Maps button located in the Unreal UI toolbar, it will generate a Map Controller Actor. You can find it in the World Outliner.


Configure the Details Panel UI

  1. Delete the Floor actor in the World Outliner.

  2. In the World Outliner panel select the ArcGISMapController. The UI will appear in the Details panel.

  3. In the View Mode panel select Global Scene.


  4. In the Camera Location panel you can set up the initial point of view of the camera. For the tutorial, set the parameters to these values:

    • Latitude = 40.691242;
    • Longitude = -74.054921;
    • Height = 3000;
    • Heading = 65;
    • Pitch = 68;
    • Roll = 0;
  5. On the Base Map panel, you can select the base map that best suits your project. For the tutorial select Imagery on the dropdown menu.


  6. In the Add Data panel select Add From URL.


  7. Enter the layer's web service URL in the URL field.

  8. Type 01 - New York Transit Frequency in the Layer Name field.

  9. Click Add Layer to add the layer to your map. Note: In the Layers panel you can see the new layer created.

  10. Repeat the prior three steps to create the other layers.

    Layer name: 02 - New York Industrial Areas


    Layer name: 03 - New York Population Density


    Layer name: 04 - New York 3D Buildings

  11. On the Layers panel change the opacity of the layers 01 and 02 to 90% and 60%. Keep the default opacity value of layers 02 and 03.


You have successfully configured the UI. Click the Play icon and see your map.

Use the WASD Keys to move left/right/forward/backward. Use the left mouse button to pan around the scene, the right button to orbit and the scroll wheel to zoom in or out.


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