This section addresses common problems that can arise when using the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine. You can also find helpful information in the Unreal Engine Documentation.

For known issues with the current version, visit the known issues section.

View state report

The view state event handlers allow you to view event changes from layers, elevation sources, and the view itself during runtime on the Output Log. When there is an error, you can obtain more information. This report can help you understand issues with your GIS level. If you set up a level using the Modes Panel UI or Components, there is a basic view state report attached to it and you can see the report in the Output Log.

Learn more about the view state report

Common problems

Data is not loading

For a layer to be rendered, the data needs to be in a supported format. Also, the spatial reference needs to be supported by the currently enabled view mode, global or local.

If your local data loads correctly in other products like ArcGIS Pro but does not load in Unreal Engine during runtime, try to save the data again in a supported format and spatial reference. You can extract your data's file as a zip archive and open the .json file to check the local data's spatial reference and type.

When you use a private service in your app, you need to set up ArcGIS Identity (OAuth 2.0). Private services will be loaded only after the login is successful.

Editor Viewport is not updated after changes

Some changes that you make with the Modes Panel UI or from the Details panel may not be reflected in the editor Viewport rendering.

Editor mode camera and Play mode camera are not in sync. When you change the camera position with the ArcGIS Pawn, double click on the ArcGIS Pawn in the Outliner panel to move the camera position to the configured place. If you want to adjust the camera Heading, Roll, and Pitch to the configured values, click Play once. You can set the initial camera position to the current editor view camera position, right-click on the ArcGIS Pawn in the Outliner panel, and select Snap Object to View.

OAuth challenge handler will be triggered when the private layer starts to load. When you configure OAuth for the first time, save the level once and reload it to trigger the pop-up window and sign in.


Many factors can affect performance. You can find performance and optimization tips in the Unreal Engine Documentation. Depending on the platform you are going to deploy, you can also find additional tips in the Sharing and Releasing Projects section.

Disabling the editor mode can increase performance while you are developing an app. You can disable the feature via C++ API or from the Editor Mode Enabled checkbox if you have the ArcGIS Map View Actor in your level.

When you use a high spec machine to develop or run your app, ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine may not be using all the power that the machine has. You can adjust memory allowance manually by specifying total system memory and total video memory values on the GameEngineView object in the ArcGISRendererView.

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