Build interactive and compelling web mapping apps that run across any device.

The ArcGIS API for JavaScript is designed to maximize your productivity for building engaging, beautiful web mapping applications. The API combines modern web technology and powerful geospatial capabilities enabling you to create high-performing apps and smarter visualizations of your data.

Mapping & Visualization

Turn your raw data into information with simple layer styling, rich pop-up windows, and interactive data-driven visualizations.

ArcGIS Integration

Leverage rich content, analysis, real-time processing, imagery, data management in the cloud and more. The ArcGIS API for JavaScript provides tools to make building and working with ArcGIS simple.

Identity Management

Let the ArcGIS platform handle identity for you with a simplified and streamlined approach. Manage access to your maps and apps with ease and track statistics to see how people are using the apps you’ve built.

Simplicity & Increased Productivity

The ArcGIS API for JavaScript is designed to do much of the heavy lifting for you so that you can build compelling mapping apps with minimal code.

Design for Usability

The ArcGIS API for JavaScript includes many customizable widgets that are optimized for a clean, responsive app design.

Optimization & Enhanced Performance

Build engaging and high-performing apps by leveraging modern browser technology. Get an optimized package of the API to load only the code you need for your app.

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