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Web Scene Specification


Objects defined by a definitionEditor input.

Referenced by: input


Property Details
defaultValue The default value that is automatically given is nothing is provided.
fieldName A string value representing the name of the field to query.
parameterId Number given to uniquely identify the specified parameter.
type The field type for the specified field parameter.
If property is present, must be one of the following values: esriFieldTypeBlob, esriFieldTypeDate, esriFieldTypeDouble, esriFieldTypeGUID, esriFieldTypeGeometry, esriFieldTypeGlobalID, esriFieldTypeInteger, esriFieldTypeOID, esriFieldTypeRaster, esriFieldTypeSingle, esriFieldTypeSmallInteger, esriFieldTypeString, esriFieldTypeXML
utcValue An integer value representing exact UNIX time used when defaultValue is a date string.

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