Class GeodatabaseFeatureTable

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Loadable, PopupSource

    public final class GeodatabaseFeatureTable
    extends ArcGISFeatureTable
    A feature table stored in a geodatabase, which includes non-spatial tables where FeatureTable.hasGeometry() is false.

    A FeatureLayer can be constructed using a GeodatabaseFeatureTable and added to a map and mapview for viewing. Features from the feature table will be re-projected on the fly if they are not in the same spatial reference as the map.

    Get a list of GeodatabaseFeatureTable from a Geodatabase by using Geodatabase.getGeodatabaseFeatureTables(), or use one of the helper methods for getting a specific GeodatabaseFeatureTable by table name or by feature service layer ID.

    If the Geodatabase was created from the result of a GeodatabaseSyncTask, GeodatabaseFeatureTables may be editable and syncable with the associated feature service, this can be determined by checking FeatureTable.isEditable() and Geodatabase.isSyncEnabled() respectively.

    The parent class definition allows GeodatabaseFeatureTable to also have FeatureTemplates, FeatureTypes, and support editing capabilities defined in ArcGISFeatureLayerInfo.getCapabilities().

    For mobile geodatabases created by ArcGIS Pro, renderer information isn't stored in the geodatabase. A default renderer is therefore used to display mobile geodatabase feature tables in a feature layer. In most cases, this default should be replaced with a custom renderer.

    • Constructor Detail

      • GeodatabaseFeatureTable

        public GeodatabaseFeatureTable​(GeodatabaseFeatureTable table,
                                       RelationshipInfo relationshipInfo)
        Creates a GeodatabaseFeatureTable instance that relates to the given table based on the given relationship info.
        table - the related table
        relationshipInfo - the relationship info defining the relationship between this new table and the given table
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if table or relationshipInfo are null
    • Method Detail

      • getGeodatabase

        public Geodatabase getGeodatabase()
        Gets the geodatabase that this table belongs to.
        the geodatabase that this table belongs to
      • hasLocalEditsSince

        public boolean hasLocalEditsSince​(java.util.Calendar calendar)
        Indicates if the geodatabase feature table has local edits since a specific date.
        calendar - check will be made from this date
        true if there were local edits since the given date, false otherwise
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if calendar is null