Interface ListenableList<E>

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      void addListChangedListener​(ListChangedListener<E> listener)
      Adds a listener for added and removed events.
      boolean removeListChangedListener​(ListChangedListener<E> listener)
      Removes the given listener from this class instance.
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      • addListChangedListener

        void addListChangedListener​(ListChangedListener<E> listener)
        Adds a listener for added and removed events.

        Adding this listener on the UI thread will cause it to be invoked on the UI thread, otherwise it is not guaranteed on which thread the listener is invoked.

        listener - this listener will be called back when items are added to or removed from the list
      • removeListChangedListener

        boolean removeListChangedListener​(ListChangedListener<E> listener)
        Removes the given listener from this class instance. It will no longer receive added or removed events.
        listener - listener to remove
        true if the listenable list contained the given listener, false otherwise