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Get started Current versions: iOS 1.2.1 (Oct 2015), Android: 1.2.0 (Aug 2015) | Release Notes

Add the power of location to your app with the Geotrigger Service℠. With your free developer account, add the Geotrigger SDK to your iPhone or Android app and start creating trigger locations and actions.

Get Started

Integrate into your app

Learn how to integrate the Geotrigger SDK into your app.

iOS Setup Android Setup

Learn More

Find out more about how the Geotrigger Service can add value to your mobile application.

Use Cases Core Concepts FAQ

Developer tools

Explore our web-based developer tools to help you create and test your Geotrigger Service based apps. With them you can create triggers and define actions in an easy-to-use visual editor, and fake a device location so you can simulate and test receiving Geotrigger notifications and callbacks from triggers that aren't within walking distance.

Geotrigger Editor Geotrigger Faker

API libraries

If you want to interact with the Geotrigger Service API you can use one of out client libraries for JavaScript, Ruby, Python or Go.

Battery-safe geofencing

The Adaptive tracking profile automatically adjusts GPS checks to optimize for accuracy while minimizing battery consumption, or use the Fine or Rough tracking profile.

Flexible API

The Geotrigger Service works well for a variety of use cases in goverment, tourism, public safety and marketing.

Less work for you

Develop for iOS and Android on a common platform, with no need to manage the frequency of GPS checks, and use tags to simply control which devices will set off which triggers.

Improvements over native geofencing

Generate complex polygon geofences and easily add unlimited triggers, all while remaining on par with native iOS and Android performance.

Geotrigger Service Overview

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