Core Concepts

What is ArcGIS?

Explore key components of the ArcGIS Platform and learn how to leverage them in your apps.

Web Maps

Learn about creating and displaying web maps, a JSON format for sharing 2D maps.

Web Scenes

Learn about creating and displaying web scenes, a JSON format for sharing 3D scenes.


Explore the different types of layers in ArcGIS and determine which is best for your use case.

Apps, APIs and SDKs

Discover the types of applications you can build with ArcGIS and compare API and SDK options.


Learn about the low level REST API that powers the ArcGIS Platform.

Security and Authentication

Learn how to authenticate with the ArcGIS Platform to access user content and premium services.

Licensing and Deployment

Once you have built your app learn how to license and deploy it.

Features and Geometries

Learn how ArcGIS represents geometries like points lines and polygons in a common JSON format.

Spatial References

Understand how ArcGIS works with different coordinate systems, such as WGS84 and Web Mercator.

Common Data Types

Reference of common data structures used across the ArcGIS Platform.

Mobile, Web and Desktop APIs and SDKs

Web Apps

Build custom web applications with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, customize an existing configurable app or build and deploy applications with Web AppBuilder.

Mobile Apps

Build apps for a variety of popular mobile platforms with ArcGIS Runtime SDKs. Use AppStudio to build cross-platform native mobile applications from templates.

Desktop Apps

Build custom desktop applications for Windows or macOS, or build cross-platform Windows, macOS, and Linux desktop applications with Java.

Cross-Platform Apps

Build and deploy cross platform native applications with Qt or with .Net and Xamarin. Or use AppStudio to build cross platform native applications from templates.


Service reference

Work with services and content that you have published.

Users groups and items

Create and manage content, users and groups.

Script and Extend ArcGIS Products

ArcGIS Pro

Automate and customize workflows and create extensions for ArcGIS Pro.

ArcMap and ArcCatalog

Automate, customize, and extend ArcMap and ArcCatalog workflows.

ArcGIS Enterprise

Customize ArcGIS Enterprise APIs or add new endpoints.

Scripting and Automation

Script and automate a variety of ArcGIS products with Python.

ArcGIS Earth

Extend your application to automate and communicate with ArcGIS Earth.