Esri Leaflet

Current version: 3.0.12

Esri Leaflet is a light-weight, open source Leaflet plug-in for accessing ArcGIS location services and ArcGIS Enterprise services. You can use the API to display interactive maps and data, and to access services to perform operations such as geocoding, routing, and spatial analysis.

Where to start

  1. Discover key features of the API.

  2. Get an API key and build your first app.

  3. Explore the tutorials and sample code.

Get started


Follow step-by-step instructions to learn how to access ArcGIS location services.

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Sample code

Find samples to learn how to perform different mapping operations.

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API reference

Learn about the libraries and classes you can use to work with layers, controls, tasks, and base classes.


Explore Esri and community plugins to access additional functionality.

Next Steps

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