ArcGIS Urban API

Welcome to the ArcGIS Urban API. The ArcGIS Urban API is a public GraphQL web service. You can use it to interact with the ArcGIS Urban data directly without using the ArcGIS Urban app.

Motivation for the Urban API

The main motivation behind the Urban API is the need for abstraction between Urban clients and the urban database. ArcGIS Urban has a clear data schema (data model) that is relatively complex. Using the API, incoming or outgoing data can be checked and corrected to match the schema.

Many clients consume the urban database. There is the Urban app itself, but also other products such as CityEngine. Third-party tools may also be interested in accessing the urban database, for example permitting systems, land value databases, or simulation tools.

Where to start

Make yourself familiar with the Urban API by reading about the basics and the API patterns.

You can also explore the Urban API through the GraphQL Playground, which is a graphical, interactive, in-browser IDE. Access the Playground in the API reference section or by opening the Urban API endpoint in a web browser. Read through the Playground documentation to explore the schema and available queries and mutations.

Read Get started section to learn more about how to use the Playground and familiarize yourself with the correct syntax for Urban API operations. Also, learn how to access the API using programming languages.

Visit Sample Code that contains examples of real-world Urban API use cases.

Useful references

For more information check out the following resources:

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