Release notes February 2022

Learn about recent changes to the ArcGIS Urban API. The release date is February 23, 2022.

What's new

This section provides a summary of the most important changes in this release.

  • A new Meta field containing general information about objects has been added. Now you can retrieve additional information about objects, for example object counts.
  • GlobalID has been added as an optional input field to the create<Feature>Attributes. Now you can assign an already existing GlobalID to the objects while creating them using mutations. A client needs to set a GlobalID on each feature to be created, or for none of them. Mixing features with GlobalID and features without it in a single create mutation is not supported.
  • Suitability models and criteria have been introduced.
  • Viewpoints have been introduced.
  • The maximum limit on the number of features returned by a single query has been increased from 100 to 1000.
  • The license check was removed from the createUrbanDesignDatabase operation. An ArcGIS Urban license is no longer required to perform this mutation.
  • UrbanDesignDatabases no longer have a plan or project type. They can contain both plans and projects.
    Use the UrbanDesignDatabase.plans and UrbanDesignDatabase.projects queries to get the plans and projects inside an UrbanDesignDatabase.
  • A cascade flag has been added to the delete<Feature> mutations. When the flag is set to true, all dependent data of the deleted object will be deleted along with the object, or have their references to this object removed where appropriate. See the Known issues section to read about the temporary limitation of the cascade flag.
  • rollbackOnFailure has been added to mutations. Partial success or failure of a mutation is no longer possible.
  • The type Line was removed (breaking change).

Schema changes

This section describes new features, improvements, and changes made to the Urban API schema.

The input field GlobalID was added to the following input object types:

The following types and fields related to the meta information of the objects were added:

The following types and fields related to suitability models and criteria were added:

The following types and fields related to viewpoints were added:

Argument cascade was added to the following fields:

The following types and arguments related to the organization and group ids were added:

Other removals, additions and changes were introduced:

Bug fixes

  • Improved performance on large and deeply nested queries.
  • Improved error messages related to user privileges, as well as geometry errors and validation.


  • Field UrbanDesignDatabase.type is deprecated (Effective 2022-06-06). From now one, UrbanDesignDatabase can contain both plans and projects.
  • Fields ParcelAttributes.SuitabilityScore, ParcelAttributes.SuitabilityValue1, ParcelAttributes.SuitabilityValue2, ParcelAttributes.SuitabilityValue3 are deprecated (Effective 2023-08-01). Use the new SuitabilityModels instead.
  • Field organization is deprecated (Effective: 2023-08-01). Use the organizationId field instead.
  • Field groups is deprecated (Effective: 2023-08-01). Use the groupIds field instead.
  • User authentication by adding an access token as a URL parameter is deprecated. Instead, add a token in the request header. For more information on user authentication, go to the Authentication section.

Breaking changes

The following breaking changes were made:

  • Type Line was removed

Known issues

  • Some references to child objects are not removed when the cascade flag is set to true when deleting a parent. This means that some of the GlobalId fields of objects present in tables may refer to objects that no longer exist. See the Troubleshooting section for more details.

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