Release notes October 2023

Learn about recent changes to the ArcGIS Urban API. The release date is October 26, 2023.

What's new

This section provides a summary of the most important changes in this release.

  • Using a spatialReference when creating an Urban Model has been added. New UrbanDesignDatabases will have the same spatial reference as the models they belong to. See the New Coordinate Systems Support in ArcGIS Urban blog post to learn more about the coordinate system support in ArcGIS Urban. See Handling spatial references for examples on how to use spatial reference in the Urban API.
  • Metrics dashboards with values and units are now available through the Urban API as an experimental feature. See Features lifecycle to learn more about how to use experimental features in the Urban API.
  • Support for the X-Esri-Authorization header has been added and the old Authorization header had been deprecated.

Schema changes

This section describes new features, improvements, and changes made to the Urban API schema.

metricsDashboards fields were added for PlanBranch and ProjectBranch:

Unit and UnitSystem types were added to support the metricsDashboards:

Area field was added to replace the GeodeticShapeArea field:

Other changes were made:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where an invalid empty extent [] was stored for urban models. A check for valid extent was added. Additionally, empty extents [] are now converted to null.
  • Removed a check for self-intersecting geometries that led to timeouts when working with complex geometries.


The GeodeticShapeArea field on Parcel and Space has been deprecated:

  • Field ParcelAttributes.GeodeticShapeArea is deprecated (Removal date: 2024-10-30). Use the Area field instead.
  • Field SpaceAttributes.GeodeticShapeArea is deprecated (Removal date: 2024-10-30). Use the Area field instead.

The Authorization header has been deprecated. Use the X-Esri-Authorization header instead. See Authentication for examples and to learn more about authentication in the Urban API.

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