Spatial analysis services

Spatial analysis allows you to discover patterns, find trends, and gain insights into your geospatial data. As a developer, you can use client and server APIs and tools to build your own custom spatial analysis applications. You can use ArcGIS Maps SDKs to perform client-side analysis such as buffering or 3D visual analysis such as calculating viewsheds. You can also perform advanced server-side analyses by using the spatial analysis service to process large feature datasets or the raster analysis service to process satellite and remotely sensed raster data. To help prepare data and perform preliminary analyses, you can use tools such as Map Viewer and ArcGIS Pro.

What's in this guide

This guide shows you how to use spatial analysis tools and APIs to build applications that perform the following:

  • Geometry analysis
  • Feature analysis
  • Raster analysis
  • 3D visual analysis

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