ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS: AGSArcGISRuntimeEnvironment.h File Reference
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS  100.15
AGSArcGISRuntimeEnvironment.h File Reference

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enum  AGSServiceCurveGeometryMode { AGSServiceCurveGeometryModeDensifyCurves = 0 , AGSServiceCurveGeometryModeFetchCurves = 1 , AGSServiceCurveGeometryModeTrueCurveClient = 2 }

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ AGSServiceCurveGeometryMode

How curve geometries are fetched from and sent to services that support curves.

By default, curve geometries are not fetched from services that support curves, meaning that densified versions of any curve geometries are fetched from the service. Additionally, by default, Runtime indicates that is it not a true curve capable client when sending updates to services that support curves. Use AGSArcGISRuntimeEnvironment::serviceCurveGeometryMode to change this default behavior.

For details of curve support in services, see ArcGIS REST API documentation.

See also
AGSArcGISRuntimeEnvironment::serviceCurveGeometryMode, AGSArcGISFeatureServiceInfo::supportsTrueCurve, AGSArcGISFeatureServiceInfo::allowTrueCurvesUpdates, AGSArcGISFeatureServiceInfo::onlyAllowTrueCurveUpdatesByTrueCurveClients

Densified versions of geometries with curves that are fetched. This is the default.


Curve geometries are fetched but ArcGIS Runtime does not act as a true curve client when editing.


Curve geometries are fetched and ArcGIS Runtime acts as a true curve client when editing.