ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS: AGSExportVectorTilesParameters.h File Reference
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS  100.15
AGSExportVectorTilesParameters.h File Reference

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enum  AGSEsriVectorTilesDownloadOption { AGSEsriVectorTilesDownloadOptionUseOriginalService = 0 , AGSEsriVectorTilesDownloadOptionUseReducedFontsService = 1 }

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ AGSEsriVectorTilesDownloadOption

Enumerates options for downloading an Esri vector tiled basemap service.

When taking an Esri vector tiled basemap service offline (e.g. to create an AGSVectorTileCache on your device), you can choose from different versions of the service depending on your use case.

Primary considerations are the download speed and the size of the resulting .vtpk file. Among other things, file size is influenced by the amount of fonts downloaded from the service. Esri vector tiled basemap layers make use of fonts as part of their style resources - see the vector-tile-style documentation. When you take a vector tiled layer offline, these fonts are downloaded as part of the AGSVectorTileCache.

Esri services also offer an alternative version with a reduced font package size which will reduce the download size of a vtpk by around 80 Mb. You can view a set of vector tile styles which use the reduced font services here. If you are creating a web map that is only intended for taking maps offline and not for online-viewing, these "for export" versions of the services are recommended.

This enumeration describes options for controlling which set of fonts are downloaded. Note that these options only apply to Esri vector tile basemap services.


The complete set of vector tile resources for the original service, including the full set of fonts, will be downloaded.


An alternative service that uses a reduced set of font resources, supporting a limited set of language characters, will be downloaded.