ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS: AGSFeatureLayer.h File Reference
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS  100.15
AGSFeatureLayer.h File Reference

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enum  AGSFeatureRenderingMode { AGSFeatureRenderingModeAutomatic = 0 , AGSFeatureRenderingModeStatic = 1 , AGSFeatureRenderingModeDynamic = 2 }
enum  AGSFeatureTilingMode { AGSFeatureTilingModeEnabledWhenSupported = 0 , AGSFeatureTilingModeDisabled = 1 }
enum  AGSSelectionMode { AGSSelectionModeAdd = 0 , AGSSelectionModeNew = 1 , AGSSelectionModeSubtract = 2 }

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ AGSFeatureRenderingMode

Rendering modes available for feature layers.


The rendering mode for the layer will be automatically chosen based on the geometry type and renderer. For point geometries it is typically Dynamic, for polyline and polgyon it is Static.


Static rendering mode - Features are updated after zoom and pan operations complete. This mode is good for complex geometries or features to be rendered with cartographic quality symbology for example. It may also be suited for rendering features when low end graphics hardware is used.


Dynamic rendering mode - Features will be updated continuously while pan and zoom operations are performed for a smoothly rendered display. This mode is not supported by all renderers. A heat map renderer is an example of a renderer not supported by the dynamic rendering mode.

◆ AGSFeatureTilingMode

Feature tiling modes available to feature layers. This determines how feature tiling is handled for each layer. Using the default mode is highly recommended. As of now, only services based on service feature tables support feature tiling.


Use feature tiling whenever a service supports it. Feature tiling retrieves more features per layer from a service by making multiple, smaller requests to said service. Since each request gathers a portion of the total features, this allows more features to be rendered in the extent than what the maxRecordCount would normally allow. When in this mode, all rendering requests to services will use feature tiling unless the following applies: AGSServiceFeatureTable::featureRequestMode is AGSFeatureRequestModeManualCache, the service does not support coordinate quantization, the max record count is not exceeded, or if the service does not support tile result types. This is the default mode.


Feature tiling is disabled. When in this mode, feature tiling will not be used even if a service supports it. This reduces the number of requests sent by each layer. Disabling feature tiling can results in less features returned from a service.

◆ AGSSelectionMode

Selection mode for handling results.

See also
- selectFeaturesWithQuery:mode:completion: (AGSFeatureLayer)

Add results to the existing set of selected features.


Replace existing set of selected features with the results.


Remove results from the existing set of selected features.