ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS: AGSFeatureTable.h File Reference
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS  100.15
AGSFeatureTable.h File Reference

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enum  AGSFeatureRequestMode { AGSFeatureRequestModeUndefined = 0 , AGSFeatureRequestModeOnInteractionCache = 1 , AGSFeatureRequestModeOnInteractionNoCache = 2 , AGSFeatureRequestModeManualCache = 3 }

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◆ AGSFeatureRequestMode

The feature request mode for a service feature table. It determines, (1) whether features are cached locally (for quicker access by map and scene layers) and (2) whether queries are performed on the local cache or on the server.


Indicates the feature table has not been loaded and the mode has yet to be set.


The features are requested from the server as they are needed, in response to user or developer interaction with the layer (pan, zoom). Features are cached in the local table for the duration of the session. Queries are executed on the local cache or (if requested features are not resident in the cache) on the server. This mode is the default.


The features are always requested from the server and are never cached. This mode ensures that you are working against the latest data, but it has a high network bandwidth since it goes to the server for all interactions (pans, zooms, selects, or queries).


The features are requested from the server by an explicit call to AGSServiceFeatureTable::populateFromServiceWithParameters:clearCache:outfields:completion:, which populates the local cache. Queries performed on the table will be executed locally.