ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS: AGSSyncGeodatabaseParameters Class Reference
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS  100.15
AGSSyncGeodatabaseParameters Class Reference


Parameters to synchronize data of a sync-enabled geodatabase.

Instances of this class represent parameters that are used with syncJobWithParameters:geodatabase: (AGSGeodatabaseSyncTask) to synchronize the data of a sync-enabled geodatabase with its originating ArcGIS feature services.

Consider using the convenience method AGSGeodatabaseSyncTask::getDefaultSyncGeodatabaseParametersForGeodatabase:completion: to get a properly initialized instance of this class which takes into account the capabilities supported by the ArcGIS feature service and how the geodatabase was configured when it was generated.
See also
AGSGeodatabaseSyncTask to synchronize the geodatabase.
AGSGeodatabase for edit and query operations suppported by the geodatabase.
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Instance Methods

(instancetype) - init

Class Methods

(instancetype) + syncGeodatabaseParameters


AGSSyncDirection geodatabaseSyncDirection
BOOL keepGeodatabaseDeltas
NSArray< AGSSyncLayerOption * > * layerOptions
BOOL rollbackOnFailure

Method Documentation

◆ init

- (instancetype) init

◆ syncGeodatabaseParameters

+ (instancetype) syncGeodatabaseParameters

Property Documentation

◆ geodatabaseSyncDirection

- (AGSSyncDirection) geodatabaseSyncDirection

Specifies the direction in which the entire geodatabase must sync changes with the service. Only applicable if the geodatabase uses a sync model of AGSSyncModelGeodatabase. Otherwise, use layerOptions.


◆ keepGeodatabaseDeltas

- (BOOL) keepGeodatabaseDeltas

Indicates whether or not the upload or downloaded server delta geodatabases will be removed at the end of the sync job.

A delta geodatabase is a file that contains the changes that have occurred since a mobile replica AGSGeodatabase was last synchronized with its feature service. See for an overview of the delta files used in synchronization.

There are two types of delta geodatabase:

  • Local edits, performed on the user's device, are exported as an "upload" delta that is applied to the originating feature service
  • Online edits, performed by other users are requested as a "download" delta which is then applied to the local replica geodatabase

Delta geodatabases allow you to troubleshoot sync problems. For example, you can inspect the geodatabase changes or you could send the file to the administrator of the feature service.

You can choose to retain both the uploaded and downloaded delta geodatabases once the sync job has completed. Set to YES to retain both delta geodatabases and set to NO to have them deleted at the end of the sync job. Deltas will be retained regardless of whether the job succeeds or fails. Note that when this property is set to YES, the upload delta geodatabase will only be available if there are changes to upload and the sync direction is AGSSyncDirectionUpload or AGSSyncDirectionBidirectional. The download delta geodatabase will only be available when there are changes to download and the sync direction is AGSSyncDirectionDownload or AGSSyncDirectionBidirectional. The default value is NO.

See also
+ exportDeltaWithGeodatabase:outputFileURL:completion: (AGSGeodatabaseSyncTask)

◆ layerOptions

- (NSArray<AGSSyncLayerOption*>*) layerOptions

Options specifying the direction in which individual layers in the geodatabase must sync changes with the service. Not all layers need to be included in the sync operation. Some of them can be excluded by leaving them out of this array.

Only applicable if the geodatabase uses a sync model of AGSSyncModelLayer. Otherwise, use geodatabaseSyncDirection.


◆ rollbackOnFailure

- (BOOL) rollbackOnFailure

Specifies whether all edits are rolled back (not applied) if a failure occurs while importing edits on the server. Otherwise, failed edits are skipped and other edits still applied.

It only applies to edits uploaded by the client to the server. Does not apply to edits imported by client.