ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS: <AGSAPIKeyResource> Protocol Reference
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS  100.15
<AGSAPIKeyResource> Protocol Reference


An interface for getting and setting the API key of an object.

This interface will be used for getting and setting the API key generated from ArcGIS Developers dashboard on objects where required.

Inheritance diagram for <AGSAPIKeyResource>:
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NSString * APIKey

Property Documentation

◆ APIKey

- (NSString*) APIKey

The API key to access API key enabled services and resources in ArcGIS Online.

An API key is a unique key used to authorize access to specific services and resources in ArcGIS Online. It is also used to monitor access to those services. An API key is created and managed in the ArcGIS developer dashboard and is tied to a specific ArcGIS account.

In addition to setting an API key at a global level for your application using the AGSArcGISRuntimeEnvironment::APIKey property, you can set an AGSAPIKeyResource::APIKey property on any ArcGIS Runtime class that implements AGSAPIKeyResource. When you set an individual AGSAPIKeyResource::APIKey property on an AGSAPIKeyResource it will override the default key at the global level (on the AGSArcGISRuntimeEnvironment::APIKey property, in other words), enabling more granular usage telemetry and management for ArcGIS Online resources used by your app. Classes that expose an API key property by implementing AGSAPIKeyResource include: