Enum Class FenceGeotriggerFeedAccuracyMode

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<FenceGeotriggerFeedAccuracyMode>, Constable

public enum FenceGeotriggerFeedAccuracyMode extends Enum<FenceGeotriggerFeedAccuracyMode>
Options that describe how a FenceGeotrigger will use accuracy information from a GeotriggerFeed.

This enumeration defines how the accuracy information from a GeotriggerFeed is used to provide the Geometry for checking a Geotrigger condition. In particular, you can choose how to use the LocationDataSource.Location.getHorizontalAccuracy() property to reflect the uncertainty around a fixed LocationDataSource.Location.getPosition(). Due to factors including signal strength, GPS positions can be inaccurate, with a larger Location.getHorizontalAccuracy() representing a larger area where the device may actually be located. This can lead to spurious notifications when the Location.getPosition() is inaccurate and is incorrectly reported as inside or outside of a fence. By using the Location.getHorizontalAccuracy() you can choose to account for that uncertainty in various ways.

This property is used in conjunction with FenceGeotrigger.getEnterExitSpatialRelationship() to affect when notifications are sent.