Package com.esri.arcgisruntime.mapping.labeling

package com.esri.arcgisruntime.mapping.labeling
Contains classes for working with labels that are displayed for features and graphics in maps.
  • Class
    An expression script using the Arcade language.
    Specifies how to calculate the angular position and layout direction for labels on or around point feature symbols.
    How the placement angle should be interpreted.
    The weight of features when considered as barriers to labeling.
    The strategy for moving labels to avoid overlapping point symbols or higher priority labels.
    Abstract base class for the different types of expressions that can be used to create label text.
    The strategy for how to use the geometry of the feature when calculating the label position.
    The strategy for whether line features with the same label, and matching end vertices, should be joined before sharing a label.
    Whether LabelDefinition.getPlacement() above or below a line geometry will be interpreted as above or below on the `screen`, or with respect to the `direction` of line's geometry (that is, the digitization order in which the vertices are listed).
    The strategy for the number of labels to be placed on a multipart feature.
    The strategy for whether another label is allowed to be placed over this feature or label.
    The strategy for whether a label should be visible at viewing scales where the feature is too small for the label to fit.
    The strategy for whether labels should be removed if they have the same text as other labels, to reduce clutter and free up space.
    The strategy for whether a label should have multiple copies created and placed along or across the same feature.
    The strategy for how multi-row (stacked) text should be horizontally aligned.
    The strategy for whether a row of text should be broken before or after it exceeds the ideal length.
    A separator character in a label, where a line break may be inserted in long text.
    The position where the separator character in a label will be written, if used.
    The strategy for whether the text should be stacked or wrapped, rather than place long trailing labels across the map.
    The layout to use for label text, which can be either horizontal, straight, perpendicular, or follow the line feature.
    The orientation of label text.
    An expression script using the Simple REST language.
    The label Webmap expression expects to hold a legal, Webmap script and to be read and evaluated by a Webmap expression interpreter.