Class OfflineMapSyncJob

All Implemented Interfaces:
JsonSerializable, RemoteResource

public final class OfflineMapSyncJob extends Job
A Job that synchronizes an offline map's geodatabases with their originating services.

An OfflineMapSyncJob instance is returned by OfflineMapSyncTask.syncOfflineMap(OfflineMapSyncParameters). The Job is returned in a Status.NOT_STARTED state and Job.start() must be called to start the associated operation.

See the Job class for full information on how to work with jobs.

  • Method Details

    • getGeodatabaseDeltaInfos

      public ListenableList<GeodatabaseDeltaInfo> getGeodatabaseDeltaInfos()
      Gets information on upload and download delta geodatabases generated during the sync process.

      Contains a collection of GeodatabaseDeltaInfo with one for each geodatabase synced. These provide information about the synced geodatabase along with the paths to its uploaded and downloaded deltas.

      Delta geodatabases allow you to troubleshoot sync problems - for example by inspecting the changes they contain or sending the file to the system administrator for the feature service.

      This collection will be updated even if the job fails and there are deltas on disk. This collection will only be updated if OfflineMapSyncParameters.isKeepGeodatabaseDeltas() is true, otherwise it will remain empty.

      an unmodifiable list containing information on upload and download delta geodatabases generated during the sync process
    • getResult

      public OfflineMapSyncResult getResult()
      Returns an OfflineMapSyncResult once the job has completed. The methods of OfflineMapSyncResult indicate if there were errors related to any layers or tables within the map.
      Specified by:
      getResult in class Job
      an OfflineMapSyncResult containing the result, or null if the job is not done yet or was cancelled
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