class LocationLineOfSight : LineOfSight

An analysis object that evaluates visibility along a line defined by observer and target point objects. LocationLineOfSight renders a line between an observer location and a target location, each defined using a Point geometry. Visible and obstructed portions of the line are displayed with unique colors (green and red by default).

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fun LocationLineOfSight(observerLocation: Point, targetLocation: Point)

Creates a LineOfSight analysis object that defines an observer and a target using Point objects. The LineOfSight analysis result is a line rendered between the observer and target locations with distinct colors representing visible and obstructed segments.


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var isVisible: Boolean

Whether or not an Analysis is visible. Visibility can be controlled for individual Analyses as well as for the AnalysisOverlay that contains them. Will return false if an error occurs.

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var observerLocation: Point
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var targetLocation: Point
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val targetVisibility: StateFlow<LineOfSightTargetVisibility>

The target visibility state. Use LineOfSight.onTargetVisibilityChanged to handle changes in target visibility.