Specifies how to calculate the angular position and layout direction for labels on or around point feature symbols. The angular position may be different for each feature (driven by one or more feature attributes) or constant for all features (specified by a fixed number).




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constructor(arcadeExpression: ArcadeExpression, rotationType: LabelAngleRotationType = LabelAngleRotationType.Automatic)

Creates a LabelAngle with the specified ArcadeExpression and LabelAngleRotationType.


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object Companion


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Specifies how the angle (in degrees) is calculated from the feature attributes, using an Arcade expression. The calculation may use attributes, fixed numbers, or a combination of both. The default value is an ArcadeExpression containing an empty expression string, which will produce a zero angle when evaluated. Warning: If the expression attempts to use attributes which don't exist then no label will be produced. This is distinct from the attribute existing but having a null or empty value, which will be interpreted as a zero angle.

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Whether the angle should be interpreted as arithmetic or geographic. The default value is LabelAngleRotationType.Automatic (which will be interpreted as LabelAngleRotationType.Arithmetic).


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Clones the LabelAngle.

Inherited functions

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open override fun toJson(): String

Convert an object to JSON string.