Metadata for a local cache of vector map tiles that can be used to create a layer. Local tile caches are ideal for providing basemaps or less frequently changing contextual layers, where network access is limited or non-existent. They can be created and downloaded onto a device by using an ExportVectorTilesJob, or alternatively can be provisioned directly to local storage. Currently the only supported type of cache is:

  • Vector tile package (.vtpk) - a map and the tile cache of the data contained within it, packaged into one convenient, portable file, ideal for offline sharing or complete map documents in a disconnected environment or via a portal.

A VectorTileCache is often used as a basemap, but can also be used to create an ArcGISVectorTiledLayer that is added to a map as an operational layer.




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Create a vector tile cache with the given path.


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val path: String?

The path to the on disk source file for this vector tile cache. This path can be empty when the vector tile cache is contained within a MobileMapPackage or MobileScenePackage.

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Inherited properties

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open override val loadStatus: StateFlow<LoadStatus>

The load status.

Inherited functions

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open override fun cancelLoad()

Cancels loading metadata for the Loadable object.

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open suspend override fun load(): Result<Unit>

Loads the metadata for the object.

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open suspend override fun retryLoad(): Result<Unit>

Loads or retries loading metadata for the object.