Represents a pop-up element of type attachments that is displayed in a pop-up for a geoelement.



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constructor(displayType: PopupAttachmentsDisplayType = PopupAttachmentsDisplayType.Auto)

Creates a new attachments pop-up element with the given PopupAttachmentsDisplayType.


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Returns all the current attachments. Will be empty if attachments haven't yet been fetched or if PopupElement.isEvaluated is false.

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A string value describing the element in detail. Can be an empty string.

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Indicates how to display the attachments. If list is specified, attachments show as links. If preview is specified, attachments expand to the width of the pop-up. Setting the value to auto allows applications to choose the most suitable default experience for their application.

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A string value indicating what the element represents. Can be an empty string.

Inherited properties

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A value indicating whether the popup element is contained in the Popup.evaluatedElements.


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suspend fun fetchAttachments(): Result<Unit>

Fetches the Attachments from the Feature, creates PopupAttachments from them, and populates AttachmentsPopupElement.attachments. If PopupElement.isEvaluated is false, this method will have no effect.

Inherited functions

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open override fun toJson(): String

Convert an object to JSON string.