An UtilityTraceFunctionBarrier stops continued traversal when a comparison expression evaluates as true. An UtilityTraceFunctionBarrier performs a comparison expression between the current results of an UtilityTraceFunction and a given value. Remember that an UtilityTraceFunction references an UtilityNetworkAttribute and a calculation that is applied to it (Min, Max, Count, etc.) Once the comparison evaluates as true, network traversal stops.




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constructor(traceFunction: UtilityTraceFunction, comparisonOperator: UtilityAttributeComparisonOperator, value: Any)

Creates a barrier that stops tracing when an UtilityTraceFunction compared to a value evaluates to true.


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The operator used for the comparison.

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The calculation to perform.

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val value: Any

The value to compare against. The type of this numeric value is dependent on the UtilityNetworkAttributeDataType of the UtilityNetworkAttribute.