Version 3.7

The ArcGIS API for Flex enables you to build dynamic rich internet applications (RIAs) on top of ArcGIS Server. You can create interactive and expressive web applications leveraging ArcGIS Server resources (such as maps, locators, feature services, and geoprocessing models) and Flex components (such as grids, trees, and charts).


With the ArcGIS API for Flex, you can use maps and tasks from ArcGIS Server in your web applications to accomplish various processes, such as the following:

  • Display an interactive map containing your own data.
  • Execute a geographic information system (GIS) model on the server, and display the results.
  • Display your data on an ArcGIS Online basemap.
  • Search for features or attributes in your GIS data, and display the results.
  • Locate addresses, and display the results.
  • Edit your data (if published as a feature service).
  • Retrieve demographics and other relevant characteristics associated with a specified area.
  • Create mashups (information combined from multiple web sources).


You can use the ArcGIS API for Flex without installing ArcGIS Server on your machine if you have access to an ArcGIS Server via a uniform resource locator (URL). Esri offers several sample servers to use when getting familiar with creating Flex applications. The samples in this Help system use these servers.

Components and resources

The ArcGIS API for Flex provides the following resources for use in your web applications:

  • Maps—The application programming interface (API) supports all map projections as well as dynamic and cached (tiled) map services from ArcGIS Server.
  • Graphics—Enhance your web applications by allowing users to draw graphics or providing pop-up windows when users click the mouse or hover the pointer.
  • Tasks—The API includes classes and methods for common GIS tasks, such as the following:

    • Querying
    • Locating addresses
    • Finding attributes
    • Finding places
    • Identifying features
    • Generating renderers
    • Printing features
    • Geoprocessing
    • GeoEnriching
    • Routing and other network analysis operations

  • Components—Use the following components for rapid development:

    • Editor
    • InfoWindow
    • ScaleBar
    • AttributeInspector
    • AttachmentInspector
    • RelationshipInspector
    • Legend
    • TemplatePicker
    • TimeSlider
    • AttributeTable
    • IdentityManager
    • Directions
    • Geocoder
    • Infographic and InfographicsCarousel

  • Access to Apache Flex (formerly Adobe Flex) components—The ArcGIS API for Flex is built on the Apache Flex framework, which allows the use of rich Flex components such as data grids, trees, panels, and charts. Learn more about the Flex framework on the Adobe Web site and also Apache Flex.

Getting help

A great place to start developing is the tutorial showing how to add a map with layers. If you have not already checked, make certain you meet the system requirements.