ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS: AGSLabelBarrierWeight.h File Reference
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS  100.15
AGSLabelBarrierWeight.h File Reference

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enum  AGSLabelBarrierWeight { AGSLabelBarrierWeightNone = 0 , AGSLabelBarrierWeightLow = 1 , AGSLabelBarrierWeightMedium = 2 , AGSLabelBarrierWeightHigh = 3 }

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ AGSLabelBarrierWeight

The weight of features when considered as barriers to labeling. An AGSAnnotationLayer or an AGSDimensionLayer, which has no AGSLabelDefinition of its own, can be added to a map's operational layers. Their features will be automatically considered by the labeling process, to block labels being placed overlapping the features. This AGSLabelBarrierWeight property controls how much labels must avoid the layer's features. Note: Other layer types, which have their own AGSLabelDefinition, can also have their features treated as barriers, but this is controlled by their AGSLabelDefinition::featureBoundaryOverlapStrategy and AGSLabelDefinition::featureInteriorOverlapStrategy properties.


The feature will not act as a barrier to labels.


The feature will be avoided by labels unless that's the only way they can be placed.


The feature will be avoided by labels unless that's the only way they can be placed after trying some additional positions.


The feature is an exclusion zone for labels.