Class FenceParameters

Direct Known Subclasses:
FeatureFenceParameters, GraphicFenceParameters, GraphicsOverlayFenceParameters

public abstract class FenceParameters extends Object
Geotrigger fence data required for a FenceGeotrigger.

The FenceParameters defines all of the target geometries of a FenceGeotrigger. Typically, it is made up of many polygons that objects from the GeotriggerFeed can enter or exit. However, if you set a getBufferDistance(), point and line geometry can also be used. For example, if the condition is "notify me when my position comes within 50 meters of one of my target areas", the fence data would be "my target areas".

Fence data can be created as one of:

  • Method Details

    • getBufferDistance

      public double getBufferDistance()
      Gets a buffer distance in meters to apply when checking if a FenceGeotrigger condition is met.

      For example, if the rule is "enters within 50 meters" you use a FenceGeotrigger.getRuleType() of FenceRuleType.ENTER and set this property to 50.

      Buffers are Geodetic and created using the following default values:

      If your fences use point or polyline Geometry then you must set this property to a value greater than 0.
      a buffer distance in meters to apply when checking if a FenceGeotrigger condition is met
    • createFromGeoElement

      public static FenceParameters createFromGeoElement(GeoElement geoElement, double bufferDistance)
      Static factory function to create a FenceParameters.

      This method creates the appropriate type of FenceParameters based on the type of the GeoElement that was supplied. The supported types of GeoElement are Graphic and Feature. If passed an unsupported GeoElement, this method will return null.

      geoElement - an individual GeoElement used to create a FenceParameters object
      bufferDistance - a buffer distance in meters to apply to the GeoElement when checking if a Geotrigger condition is met
      a FenceParameters created from a GeoElement
      IllegalArgumentException - if geoElement is null