Stores credentials of type NetworkCredential for use in network-secured requests.



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Creates an empty NetworkCredentialStore for in-memory credential storage. For persistent credential storage across application sessions see createWithPersistence.


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object Companion
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data class Key : JsonSerializable

The key used to look up a NetworkCredential in a NetworkCredentialStore.

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Represents a change in the NetworkCredentialStore.


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A SharedFlow which emits StoreChangedEvent when a credential is added, updated or all credentials are removed from the store.


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open override fun close()
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Retrieves a list of NetworkCredentials from the store, using the provided host name. Multiple NetworkCredentials can be stored for the same hostname, but different NetworkAuthenticationTypes.

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suspend fun removeAll(): Result<Unit>

Clears all credentials from the NetworkCredentialStore. This function suspends until all credentials have been removed from the store.