Provides parameters for creating a Basemap from a BasemapStyle. BasemapStyleParameters allows you to set preferences, such as the language to use for basemap labels, when creating a Basemap that suits your application.

BasemapStyleParameters build upon a BasemapStyle to adjust settings for how that style is displayed. For example, you can choose from a set of options that determine the language for displaying labels on the basemap.

  • Set the BasemapStyleParameters.specificLanguage to specify a desired language for basemap labels.

  • Set BasemapStyleParameters.languageStrategy to use local language, use global language, or attempt to use the application locale.

Once you are finished configuring the options for your BasemapStyleParameters, they can be used with a BasemapStyle to create a Basemap. When the Basemap is loaded, the parameters in the BasemapStyleParameters are evaluated.




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Creates a BasemapStyleParameters that controls how a BasemapStyle is used when constructing a Basemap. After creating a BasemapStyleParameters object, BasemapStyle preferences, such as language, can be set.


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The option for setting the language for basemap labels. This property allows you to specify an option for the language to use for basemap labels. You can use global or local place names or attempt to use the system locale. If you want to use a specific language, set the BasemapStyleParameters.specificLanguage property. Note that the BasemapStyleParameters.specificLanguage property takes precedence over the BasemapStyleParameters.languageStrategy. If the BasemapStyleParameters.specificLanguage is a non-empty string, the BasemapStyleParameters.languageStrategy will be ignored.