Options for setting the language on a Basemap created from a BasemapStyle.





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Attempt to use the system locale language for basemap labels. Refer to BasemapStyleParameters.specificLanguage for a description of the behavior if the system's locale is an unsupported language.

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Use the default language setting for the BasemapStyle. Currently, for ArcGIS styles, the default behavior is global labels for ArcGIS styles and local labels for OpenStreetMap styles.

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Use the global language (English) for basemap labels. This is the default setting for ArcGIS basemap styles.

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Uses local place names for basemap labels. This option uses the names of places in their local language - for example, "Lisboa" for "Lisbon" and "北京" for "Beijing".

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data class Specific(val locale: Locale) : BasemapStyleLanguageStrategy

Use a specific language. If an unsupported language is specified, the label language falls back to the closest available language. For example, American English (en-US) or Canadian French (fr-CA) are not currently supported. These are interpreted as English and French respectively. If no suitable fallback language code is found, labels use the default language for the style.