Contains information about the offline resources typically associated with a custom style of an ArcGISVectorTiledLayer. For example, an ArcGIS vector tile layer can have style resources, such as fonts and sprites.




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constructor(path: String)

Creates an instance of this object with a path to a directory containing ItemResourceCache.


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The LocalItem containing the ItemResourceCache's thumbnail and metadata. This property can be null if the LocalItem is not present within the ItemResourceCache directory. If the ItemResourceCache was taken offline using ExportVectorTilesTask or OfflineMapTask the LocalItem will be populated from the online PortalItem. If the ItemResourceCache was created inside a MobileMapPackage authored from ArcGIS Pro then this property will return null.

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val path: String?

The path to the on-disk location containing the ItemResourceCache. The path can be a directory on-disk that contains the ItemResourceCache. Alternatively, if the ItemResourceCache was loaded from a package file, such as a MobileMapPackage, the path is to the package.

Inherited properties

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open override val loadStatus: StateFlow<LoadStatus>

The load status.

Inherited functions

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open override fun cancelLoad()

Cancels loading metadata for the Loadable object.

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open suspend override fun load(): Result<Unit>

Loads the metadata for the object.

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open suspend override fun retryLoad(): Result<Unit>

Loads or retries loading metadata for the object.