Execute HTTP network requests to ArcGIS resources with this object. The ArcGISHttpClient takes care of authentication with Network- and ArcGIS-secured resources. A singleton instance of ArcGISHttpClient can be obtained from ArcGISEnvironment.arcGISHttpClient.



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class Builder

A builder to create and configure an ArcGISHttpClient instance.

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abstract class Cache

A cache used for storing HTTP responses.


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The HTTP Cache used for this client.

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Indicates if ArcGISHttpClient.close has been called. The ArcGISHttpClient must not be used anymore once it is closed.


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Adds an additional HTTP request header with the name name and value value to all outgoing requests.

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open override fun close()

Shuts down the ArcGISHttpClient and releases resources such as HTTP connections.

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suspend fun download(url: String, destinationFile: File, queryParameters: Iterable<Request.Parameter> = emptyList(), progressListener: (totalBytes: Long?, bytesRead: Long) -> Unit? = null): Result<Unit>

Downloads a file from the given URL to the specified destination and reports the progress.

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suspend fun execute(request: Request): Result<Response>

Executes the specified http Request and suspends until a Response has been received. Any exception thrown when executing the http request is caught and returned as a failure Result object, except CancellationExceptions caused by cancelling the running coroutine.