A background grid defines the default color and context grid for display behind a map or scene surface. The background grid determines what an empty MapView or scene Surface looks like. An instance of this class can be used to set a default backdrop that an ArcGISMap or ArcGISScene will display on top of.



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constructor(color: Color = Color.white, lineColor: Color =, lineWidth: Float = 0.1f, size: Float = 20.0f)

Creates a background grid with the specified properties.


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The background color of the grid. The default value is gray - RGBA(192,192,192,255).

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True if grid lines are visible on the BackgroundGrid.color, false otherwise. In the context of MapView, this value indicates if the BackgroundGrid.lineColor is visible. In the context of SceneView, this value indicates if both the BackgroundGrid.color and the BackgroundGrid.lineColor are visible. The default value is true.

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The color of the grid lines. The default value is black - RGBA(0,0,0,255).

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The width of the grid lines in device-independent pixels (DIP). This value must be greater than or equal to 0. Setting the grid line width to 0 will make grid lines invisible. The default value is 0.1.

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var size: Float

The size of each grid square in device-independent pixels (DIP). The default value is 20 x 20 pixels.