The parameters that specify how a geodatabase is synchronized with its ArcGIS feature service using a SyncGeodatabaseJob. To generate default parameters that match the geodatabase and its ArcGIS feature service, call GeodatabaseSyncTask.createDefaultSyncGeodatabaseParameters(Geodatabase). You can then modify the parameters with any desired changes. Alternatively, you can generate an empty set of parameters using SyncGeodatabaseParameters.SyncGeodatabaseParameters() and set the parameters individually. To create a SyncGeodatabaseJob, pass the parameters to the GeodatabaseSyncTask.createSyncGeodatabaseJob(SyncGeodatabaseParameters, Geodatabase) method and provide the geodatabase to be synchronized.




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Create a parameters object for use with the sync method on the geodatabase sync task.


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The synchronization direction that will be used when synchronizing the geodatabase. This is only used if the Geodatabase has a sync model of SyncModel.Geodatabase, it is ignored for SyncModel.Layer.

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Indicates whether or not the upload or downloaded server delta geodatabases will be removed at the end of the sync job. A delta geodatabase is a file that contains the changes that have occurred since a mobile replica Geodatabase was last synchronized with its feature service. See [] for an overview of the delta files used in synchronization.

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The list of sync layer options to include in the sync operation.

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Indicates if a sync should roll back on a failure.