Creates default parameters for a sync geodatabase using the given sync direction if it is not null.

This populates the parameters with values that match the geodatabase sync task's feature service and the geodatabase. For a geodatabase with SyncModel.Layer then all geodatabase layers will be included.

A service is editable if it has capabilities that include any of create, update or delete. In this case both SyncDirection.Bidirectional and SyncDirection.Upload are supported sync directions. Alternatively, a service that does not have create, update or delete capability is considered read-only and only SyncDirection.Download will be supported. If the given sync direction is not compatible with the sync task's feature service or the geodatabase is not sync enabled, the returned task will fail. If the syncDirection is null, then the sync direction will be determined by the service.


a Result containing a sync parameter object of type SyncGeodatabaseParameters with the given sync direction. Other parameters are populated with default values.





a Geodatabase to sync


the SyncDirection to use