Configures a valid source of geometries that the GeometryEditor can snap interactive edits to. Following a call to SnapSettings.syncSourceSettings(), the SnapSettings.sourceSettings collection is populated with SnapSourceSettings objects that are valid for snapping. Each represents a SnapSource that is in the currently connected map and provides full resolution geometries suitable for snapping.

Set SnapSourceSettings.isEnabled to true for each item that you want allow your users to snap to. You may wish to delegate the choice of snapping sources to users by binding the collection of snapping sources to controls which allow them to change SnapSourceSettings.isEnabled for each snapping source individually.

Snapping works for visible objects within the SnapSource - for example if a layer is not visible due to the current scale range, definition expression, or other reason, it will not participate in snapping at that time. Visibility does not affect whether a SnapSourceSettings object is present in the SnapSettings.sourceSettings collection or not.

See SnapSource for more information about which data sources are valid for snapping.



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True to enable snapping to the geometries in the SnapSource, false otherwise. Default is false. Snapping sources can be enabled or disabled individually. If SnapSettings.isEnabled is false, this value is ignored and snapping is not enabled.

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Underlying source of geometries to snap to, for example a FeatureLayer.