Package com.arcgismaps.arcade


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class ArcadeConsoleMessageContext

Provides information about the execution context where an Arcade console function is invoked.

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class ArcadeEvaluationResult

The result from the successful evaluation of an Arcade Expression.

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class ArcadeEvaluator : Loadable

This object allows you to evaluate an ArcadeExpression under a given ArcadeProfile. This Object allows you to set up, execute and query information about an Arcade script. For more general information on Arcade and its usages we refer you to the

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class ArcadeExpression : JsonSerializable

An Arcade expression object, containing an expression, a name, a return type and a title. An ArcadeExpression object gathers an Arcade script expression together with:

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sealed class ArcadeExpressionReturnType

The expected type of the result calculated by an expression described within an ArcadeExpression.

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sealed class ArcadeProfile

The execution context a script will run under. The Arcade profile specifies the context under which a script should be executed. This allows the script writer to program against a set of known profile variables and functionality restrictions that are appropriate for their use case. This includes the set of expected return types.