A feature template defines the default attribute values for the fields of a newly created ArcGISFeature and suggests a type of drawing tool to sketch the feature's geometry. The owner of the ArcGIS feature service can define one or more feature templates when they publish the service. These are held within the "Templates" tag of the ArcGIS feature service's REST Services Directory. Each template has a name, description, suggested drawing tool, and a list of attributes with their initial values (called prototype). You can obtain the feature service's collection of feature templates from the ArcGISFeatureTable.featureTemplates. Alternatively, if you are using a FeatureType, you can obtain its templates from FeatureType.templates. Use ArcGISFeatureTable.createFeature(FeatureTemplate) to create a feature with the feature template.

If you are building an editing application, you can present users with a list of feature templates. Upon choosing a template, the app can create a feature with the attributes populated with their default values and present geometry sketching tools to match the FeatureTemplate.drawingTool.




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The description of the feature template.

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The type of drawing tool that could be used to draw this feature in an editing application.

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The name of the feature template.

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The default attribute values used when creating a feature.