class GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides

Gives access to the individual parameters objects that will generate the various geodatabase, vector tile and tile cache packages that make up the data of an offline map. This object allows the user more fine-grained control over the generation of an offline map than the options presented in the standard GenerateOfflineMapParameters. For example, the parameter overrides allow the user to adjust specific layers so that they: use a different spatial extent or scale range; use custom attribute or geometry settings; are omitted from the download. An instance of this object can be created from the overall map settings in GenerateOfflineMapParameters by calling OfflineMapTask.createGenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides(GenerateOfflineMapParameters). This object gives access to the individual parameter objects via three dictionaries containing generate geodatabase parameters, export tile cache parameters and export vector tile parameters. These can be accessed using GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides.getGenerateGeodatabaseParameters(), GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides.getExportTileCacheParameters() and GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides.getExportVectorTilesParameters() respectively. The dictionaries contain the various parameters objects mapped against an OfflineMapParametersKey. An OfflineMapParametersKey represents the service that a particular parameters object is intended for. The OfflineMapParametersKey.OfflineMapParametersKey(Layer), OfflineMapParametersKey.OfflineMapParametersKey(ServiceFeatureTable), or OfflineMapParametersKey.OfflineMapParametersKey(UtilityNetwork) can be used to construct a key given its respective layer, table, or utility network. The returned key can be used to look up a value in a dictionary. The type of dictionary is indicated by the key's OfflineMapParametersKey.getType() property. Note that a given parameters key/value pair may be shared by multiple layers in the map: for example a single GenerateGeodatabaseParameters could represent the online settings for multiple feature layers that all access the same underlying feature service. All entries in the dictionaries should correspond to layers and table instances in the online ArcGISMap. If a dictionary entry is removed the corresponding layers or tables will be removed from the offline map without raising an error.


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val onlineLayers: MutableList<Layer>
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val onlineTables: MutableList<ServiceFeatureTable>