Returns a Result of GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides created from the specified GenerateOfflineMapParameters parameters. When the task completes the GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides will be populated reflecting the values in the GenerateOfflineMapParameters parameters. The overrides may be inspected and modified to change the offline data before passing onto creating a job with OfflineMapTask.generateOfflineMap(GenerateOfflineMapParameters, String, GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides).

If there are errors with loading individual layers or tables, or they cannot be taken offline due to service settings, the outcome depends on the value of GenerateOfflineMapParameters.continueOnErrors.

If GenerateOfflineMapParameters.continueOnErrors is true, the overrides correspond to the remaining layers and tables that can go offline.

The resulting offline map will not contain the layers or tables which had errors.

If GenerateOfflineMapParameters.continueOnErrors is false, the returned Result will complete containing a Throwable in the Result.getError() property from the failed layer or table.

To check upfront which layers or tables are valid for taking offline see OfflineMapTask.getOfflineMapCapabilities(GenerateOfflineMapParameters).

If GenerateOfflineMapParameters.referenceBasemapDirectory is set, the overrides corresponding to online basemap layers will be omitted, since no basemap layers will be downloaded.


a Result of GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides