A GeoElement that represents a static observation of a DynamicEntity received from a DynamicEntityDataSource. Dynamic entity observations are objects streamed by a DynamicEntityDataSource. Each observation is a snapshot of the state of a DynamicEntity at a given point in time.

Observations are stored in a local data cache as they are received from the data source. Observations may be purged from the local data cache according to DynamicEntityDataSourcePurgeOptions.

Multiple observations may be associated with a single DynamicEntity (via a shared track ID). These observations may be retrieved using DynamicEntity.getObservations(Int). The most current observation of a DynamicEntity may be retrieved using DynamicEntity.getLatestObservation().

Observations may also be retrieved by identifying observations on a map or scene, or by handling events directly from the DynamicEntityDataSource.



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The DynamicEntity associated with this observation.

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val id: Long

A unique identifier for the DynamicEntityObservation. This property uniquely identifies a DynamicEntityObservation and is useful when determining if two observations are the same.

Inherited properties

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open override val attributes: Map<String, Any?>

The attributes of the GeoElement as a collection of name/value pairs.

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open override val geometry: Geometry?

The geometry defines the shape and location of the GeoElement.