interface GeoElement

An abstract representation of geographic entities in a map, scene, map view or scene view. Each geographic entity can possess geometry, to describe the location and shape of the entity, and a set of attributes to provide information about the real-world entity it represents. For example, a feature in a feature layer, a graphic in a graphics overlay, and a raster cell in a raster layer are represented by the Feature, Graphic, and RasterCell classes. Each class inherits from GeoElement.

Operations that identify all of the layers in a map or scene, such as GeoView.identifyLayers(ScreenCoordinate, Double, Boolean), can return a collection of IdentifyLayerResult objects. You can obtain the various types of GeoElement objects using IdentifyLayerResult.geoElements.



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(ScreenCoordinate, Double, Boolean)



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abstract val attributes: Map<String, Any?>

The attributes of the GeoElement as a collection of name/value pairs.

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abstract val geometry: Geometry?

The geometry defines the shape and location of the GeoElement.