A condition evaluating the value of an UtilityNetworkAttribute on nodes in the network, either to another UtilityNetworkAttribute or to a specific value.




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constructor(networkAttribute: UtilityNetworkAttribute, comparisonOperator: UtilityAttributeComparisonOperator, value: Any)

Creates a condition comparing an UtilityNetworkAttribute to a specific value.

constructor(networkAttribute: UtilityNetworkAttribute, comparisonOperator: UtilityAttributeComparisonOperator, otherNetworkAttribute: UtilityNetworkAttribute)

Creates a condition comparing the value of one UtilityNetworkAttribute to another.


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The type of comparison to do between the source UtilityNetworkAttribute and either the second UtilityNetworkAttribute or the value.

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The source UtilityNetworkAttribute that otherNetworkAttribute or value is compared to.

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The UtilityNetworkAttribute being compared against UtilityNetworkAttributeComparison.networkAttribute on each of the nodes. This is null if the comparison is against a specific value.

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val value: Any?

The specific value to compare UtilityNetworkAttributeComparison.networkAttribute against for each node in the trace. The value can be an integer data type, which can contain a small or large integer, or it can be double data type, which can contain a double or a date.