Geotrigger fence parameters data created from a GraphicsOverlay. The GraphicsOverlay used to create a GraphicsOverlayFenceParameters provides a dynamic set of graphics that define targets for a FenceGeotrigger condition. For example, if the condition is "notify me when my position comes within 50 meters of one of my target areas", "my target areas" are the graphics in the overlay. Changes to the GraphicsOverlay will be reflected in the fences tracked by the Geotrigger.

A GraphicsOverlayFenceParameters allows you to track all of the graphics displayed on the GeoView in a GraphicsOverlay. This allows you to track new target areas as they are added to the view and to stop tracking areas that are removed. If you wish to track a subset of the graphics displayed in a GraphicsOverlay, or graphics which are not displayed in a GeoView, use a GraphicFenceParameters.

The graphics can have point, line, or polygon geometry. A FenceParameters.bufferDistance must be supplied for points or lines.




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constructor(graphicsOverlay: GraphicsOverlay, bufferDistance: Double = 0.0)

Creates a GraphicsOverlayFenceParameters using all of the graphics in the GraphicsOverlay buffered by the buffer distance. Note that the GraphicsOverlayFenceParameters will respect any changes made to the supplied graphics overlay - for example, if a Graphic is removed or added to the original GraphicsOverlay, it will be added or removed as a fence.


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The GraphicsOverlay to use in the GraphicsOverlayFenceParameters. Changes to the GraphicsOverlay will be reflected in the fences tracked by the Geotrigger.

Inherited properties

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A buffer distance in meters to apply when checking if a FenceGeotrigger condition is met. For example, if the rule is "enters within 50 meters" you use a FenceGeotrigger.ruleType of FenceRuleType.Enter and set this property to 50.