sealed class Geotrigger

A condition monitored by a GeotriggerMonitor. A Geotrigger defines a condition that can be continually monitored in real time. After the condition is met, the Geotrigger defines how a GeotriggerNotificationInfo can be used to inform the user.

A GeotriggerMonitor, created with the Geotrigger, handles monitoring and reporting.

You can create a FenceGeotrigger describing target areas, covered by spatial rules such as enter or exit. This type of spatial monitoring is also known as "Geofencing".

If a Geotrigger is defined in a GeotriggersInfo, check whether the GeotriggerFeed is of type LocationGeotriggerFeed and, if so, supply a LocationDataSource to provide your device location. Set the LocationGeotriggerFeed.getLocationDataSource() to your LocationDataSource - for example, using the LocationDisplay.getDataSource().


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val feed: GeotriggerFeed
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val geotriggerId: String

A unique ID for the Geotrigger.

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var messageExpression: ArcadeExpression?
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var name: String

The name of the Geotrigger.

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val requestedActions: MutableList<String>


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