sealed class Geotrigger

A condition monitored by a GeotriggerMonitor. A Geotrigger defines a condition that can be continually monitored in real time. After the condition is met, the Geotrigger defines how a GeotriggerNotificationInfo can be used to inform the user.

A GeotriggerMonitor, created with the Geotrigger, handles monitoring and reporting.

You can create a FenceGeotrigger describing target areas, covered by spatial rules such as enter or exit. This type of spatial monitoring is also known as "Geofencing".

If a Geotrigger is defined in a GeotriggersInfo, check whether the GeotriggerFeed is of type LocationGeotriggerFeed and, if so, supply a LocationDataSource to provide your device location. Set the LocationGeotriggerFeed.locationDataSource to your LocationDataSource - for example, using the LocationDisplay.dataSource.





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The GeotriggerFeed that is monitored for changes. You can construct a LocationGeotriggerFeed from any LocationDataSource. Typically, this shows the device location based on GPS, but can be any LocationDataSource.

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A unique ID for the Geotrigger.

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An ArcadeExpression that controls the notification details when a Geotrigger is met. The expression uses the Arcade language to generate notification information that can be:

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The name of the Geotrigger.

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A list of strings indicating the set of requested actions when a notification is delivered. This property shows the full list of recommended actions that the Geotrigger author intends to be taken. Note that there is no requirement to take any action when a notification is delivered, but these provide a way to understand the Geotrigger author's intention. Use this property to: